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For most Americans, having a bidet in the home may seem like an unusual feature, perhaps reserved for the more luxurious of homes and/or hotels.  It may seem like a frivolous expense when good, old-fashioned toilet paper can get the job done. Besides, why spend money on a seemingly upscale item when a four-pack of toilet paper can cost you a single George Washington?

Instead of rolling your eyes at the thought of a bidet, why not open them a bit?  Did you know that bidets are actually far more hygienic than toilet paper? Consider this:  When you get something extremely dirty on your hands, opening the door to various germs and bacteria into your life, do you just rely upon a paper towel to clean them off or do you head for the sink and engage in the familiar soap and water routine to fully cleanse them? If you would choose the latter, then you are a good candidate for choosing a bidet. If your hindquarters were covered in germs and bacteria, would you want to rely on a few pieces of two-ply to thoroughly clean that precious part of your body? A bidet offers a truly hygienic way of cleaning yourself after you have taken care of business.

Okay, so now I presume you are running some numbers through your head.  Isn’t a bidet expensive? And wouldn’t those costs triple if I wanted to install one in every bathroom in my home?  You can probably spend about $10 for a basic 12-pack of toilet paper, but for how long will that stash last you? Is it just you at home? Do you have several members in your family? How often is the toilet seat the best seat in the house? Do the math. Those numbers are literally representative of dollars just “rolling” out of your pocket. Why not realize substantial savings by purchasing a basic bidet attachment instead of flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet?

If we don’t fully have your attention yet, how excited do you get about unclogging your toilet? Pretty gross, right? With a bidet, you will use far less paper, thereby reducing the chances of a clogged throne. When you use a bidet, at best you will use just a few squares of toilet paper to dry off. That is far better than countless rolls of the stuff traveling through city sewer systems in massive amounts. That is costly damage control just waiting to happen. When using a bidet, you might even notice that you and your family members are sick less often. Fecal matter and related bacteria are breeding grounds for any number of illnesses.

And if you are environmentally-conscious at all, does that fact that it takes nearly 15 million trees to produce the equivalent of 37 BILLION rolls of toilet paper shock you? If not, it should! You can be proud and do your part to protect the environment by using a bidet. Not only will you help save the trees, you will also be a part of the movement to conserve water. By simply having a bidet, you can be an environmental activist without having to change much of your daily bathroom routine!

Well, we will let you ponder on this one.  The next time you are in that special room in your home, take a moment to reflect on how awesome it would be to feel clean and refreshed every time you took that personal break. Who knows? In the “end,” you just might be happier!

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